Tuesday, October 21, 2008


We went to Michigan to visit Laurel this past week-end. It was really great to see her. We spent most of the time eating out and shopping. So needless to say it wasn't a cheap visit. One of the interesting things for me was that it was the week-end for a home football game against Ohio State. I have never seen anything like it. The campus was crazy with tailgate parties everywhere. The game started at 3:30 pm but the tailgates were going strong at 11:00 am when we picked up Laurel. Pitt being an urban campus with little parking around it there didn't seem to be many tailgates although now that they moved to Heinz Field it is probably different. But the game is still far away from campus so the atmosphere isn't the same. I had the forethought to wear green but Mark had on a red jacket (totally uncool). Not that anyone said anything or seemed to care. Unfortunately MSU lost the game, but Pitt won so we weren't too disappointed. Our first night at the hotel there were a lot of rowdy Ohio State fans, but the second night it was much calmer. They were probably recovering from tailgating all day.

We also visited the Kappa Delta House. It is very nice and I think Laurel will enjoy living there next year. They had a parents program but unfortunately we couldn't stay for it because it was from 3-5:00 and that would have put us home about 11:00 pm. As it was two of the newer sisters gave us a tour. I would have liked to talked to exec-board sisters to ask some questions but they weren't available when we were there. Oh well, I didn't have anything crucial to ask so maybe next time.

We also had the chance to meet Laurel's roommate Debra and friend Rose. They both are very nice girls. I am glad that Laurel changed roommates, Debra is a hard worker, which is way better than having a heavy partier. Debra is also Jewish which gives Laurel a different perspective. I think it is interesting for her to know about the difference in cultures and about being kosher. I hope they can share things about their faiths.

It was kind of sad to say good-bye again but we will see her at Thankgiving and then when her term is over in December.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am sure many of you are a little curious how I am faring with my eldest daughter in college. It has it's ups and downs. The up side is that she seems to be handling herself really well, attending classes regularly, keeping up with her work and making friends. The down side is that she is so darned far away. When she had a tumultuous break-up with her boyfriend it would have been nice to give her a hug, but I was too far away so I had to send one over the phone which just isn't the same.

I was very, very excited when she pledged Kappa Delta. I hope that she enjoys it as much as I did. It will give her some fun activities to do in between studying, working and going to class. It is amazing how different it is having a house compared with the suite the girls have at Pitt. I kind of envy the house it really seems more fun. She went to her first tailgate party on Saturday and was exposed to a new culture. There are people who have as their main goal to get as drunk as possible as quickly as possible. I told her to laugh at and then feel sorry for them because they will be feeling it the next day. (or later that day depending how early they start)

Going to college is an eye opening experience. You meet all kinds of people who are so different than those that you knew at home. Laurel was surprised when one of her fellow pledges was incredulous that she chose to go to MSU because of her major!?!, because she was all about the football team and tailgating which Laurel doesn't care that much about. (although she has enjoyed the games she has gone to) So, I am happy that Laurel is getting to experience college with all it's challenges and good times. I know that she will thrive there.

We are going to visit Laurel in a couple of weeks. I can't wait! She already has told me things she wants me to bring from home and that she wants to go out to eat. I guess the cafeteria food can get boring after a while. I am anxious to see the inside of the KD house and meet some of her friends.

Laurel would love to get some mail so let me know if you need her address.