Tuesday, December 30, 2008


I read a lot and usually have several books waiting for me at any given time. I have at least four or five sitting there now and a couple from the library that I have already renewed twice. It's not that I haven't been reading it is just that the Twilight series has captivated me so much that I haven't been able to pick up anything else. I have read each of the books several times and can't wait to go back home so I can read some more. The day after Christmas, at my mom's house, we had a party with her side of the family. I was so torn over reading the last book in the series and socializing with my family. I had to tear myself away from the book to hang out with them only to go back to the book when I felt I could make my escape without it seeming so obvious that I would rather be somewhere else. Even now that I have read the last book twice and counting, my obsession doesn't appear to be letting up any.

It is really odd for me to reread any book. I did reread the Harry Potter books but they pretty much are the exception to the rule. I am one of those people that once I start a book I am focused on it and the desire to finish it is so strong. But I have reread the third book 5 times. Yes, 5 times!!! Of course, part of that was that my mom was giving Steph the fourth book for Christmas and I had to wait to read it. Okay, in all honesty I went to Barnes and Noble and read a few chapters Christmas Eve Day. I was so tempted to buy my own copy but my thriftiness came through, I could wait one more day, right?

So, what is it about these books that have me so enthralled? I think that my love of fantasy and being a romantic makes these books seem like they were written especially for me. I find myself smiling when I am reading them and even though I know what is going to happen my enjoyment isn't any less each time. I can relate it to eating good chocolate, only with chocolate you can get full and I don't have my fill of the books yet. I know that I should be doing other things, like laundry, cleaning, etc. but I am really bad with procrastination especially with things I don't like doing. I don't see an end in sight although I am hoping when the TV networks have new shows again I'll be strong enough to tear myself away. I sound like an addict don't I? Is there such a thing as a Twilight intervention?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


We had Verizon Fios installed yesterday. Mark thought it would be good since it would save us some money, especially on our phone bill. I didn't really care too much but he told me that we would have the Tennis Channel for a trial 3 months so I was all for it and saving money is a good thing too, right?

Mark agreed to work from home for the day while the installer was there. I was very glad because it makes me nervous to have a strange man in the house alone with me. I realize that this a rather irrational fear and everyone who has worked for us has been completely professional as was the gentleman yesterday, but still it makes me uneasy. I also don't like when I'm asked questions that I have no idea what the answers are. So, it was good for Mark to be there for that as well.

So, we now have Fios and all our TV channels have changed. We have some new channels which Leah was excited about because there are more kid channels for her. Interestingly enough we don't get the Tennis Channel. I tried to go to it last night and it said we hadn't subscribed to it. That is just plain wrong. I complained to Mark and he said jokingly that I should call Comcast to tell them we would go back to them if they would give me the Tennis Channel.

Mark had called Comcast to tell them that we switched. He said that they did mention their own deals that we could have if we aren't completely satisfied with our new provider. So, we'll see.

Later Mark said that we would have to email everyone to let them know that our address had changed from Comcast. He seemed a little panicked about that until I reminded him that we never did change our address from adelphia and it changed itself over to roadrunner a few months ago. We didn't have to do anything and the adelphia and roadrunner addresses both still work. So, my inactivity was a good thing. How rare is that?