Thursday, November 29, 2007

unwell revisited

I think it was interesting to read the comments about my last post. Everyone seems to agree that Tom needs a wake-up call from God. Yes, I feel a bit bad about "wishing unwell" myself, but I can't help being a little glad when his movies flop. Okay, now on to a new yet somehow related topic...

As many of you know I am a huge fan of fantasy books, movies,etc. My favorite movie(s) of all time are "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. I read mostly books from the children and young adult section because I enjoy an easy read without all the adult issues found in grown-up books. The movie "the Golden Compass" is coming out soon. I read the trilogy several years ago and would normally be excited to see the movie. However, I found the books to be rather disturbing in their anti-church and atheistic views. The third book in particular was the worst in that regard. I never would recommend the books to children.

The director removed the anti-church message in the first movie, but I fear that if kids enjoy the movie ,they might be inclined to read the rest of the books. It is too bad that the author couldn't have stuck with a good story without alienating people of faith.

So, I guess I'm wishing this movie "unwell" also.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wishing Unwell

Generally speaking I have good wishes towards people. I want to see others succeed at their endeavours. Sometimes however, I find myself cheering for failure. The best example of this is Tom Cruise. I have been an unfan of Tom for many years. The last movie of his I saw was the one where he plays the sports agent. (I forget the title) It started when I found out that he joined the Scientology cult and continued down hill when he divorced Nicole Kidman. I was in the camp of people who yelled "No, Katie, Run for your life!!" Considering the cult they belong to it really is her life she is throwing away isn't it. I hope she comes to her senses and leaves him ASAP.

I was happy that so few people went to see his most recent movie. Earning 6.7 Million dollars in the first week, which is the lowest amount for his openings since 1986. It made only 3 million in the second week. I know that seems like a lot but it is doubtful they will recoup the 35M it cost to make the movie. Even Robert Redford and Meryl Streep couldn't save this sinking ship. His next movie looks like it will have equally dismal results.

The big question now is what Tom can do to change his image woes. For me he would have to completely renounce Scientology, become a christian and donate large amounts of money to christian charities. That is highly unlikely but you never know what will happen when people reach the bottom. I don't think Tom is quite there yet, but I have hope. After all nothing is impossible with God.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The other day when I got the mail I noticed an envelope from Michigan State University. I felt a sudden rush of anticipation. My eldest daughter had applied to MSU and was awaiting the results. My first thought was the dilemma over to open the envelope and read the news or wait for Laurel to open it. Thankfully, I was spared by the fact that the outside had the words, "Congratulations! You're a Spartan!" written on it. At the time Laurel was at a meeting with a woman from PNC to talk about her job as a corporate events planner. I waited until I thought she would be done with the meeting and then called her. When I read Laurel the outside message she screamed with excitement.

MSU has been Laurels first choice school since she visited the campus this summer. So, it looks like I will be travelling to Michigan a lot over the next few years. She also applied to Penn State , but hasn't heard yet. Part of me would like her to choose PSU because it is closer , but she really needs to choose the best school for her. From what I understand Michigan is a lovely state. I guess I will find that out first hand.

Once the letter came I was hit by the fact that Laurel will indeed be going off to college soon. I always knew that she would go but it seemed so far off in the distant future. Now the reality is setting in and I know that this a great opportunity for her (I absolutely loved college). I am already anticipating a tearful good-bye at the end of August. How many of you been through this transition? How did you handle it?

Thursday, November 1, 2007

treats and more treats

What a perfect night for trick-or-treating. I was the stay-at-home and pass out treat person, Mark took Leah out, Steph went out with some friends and poor Laurel had to work. (although she didn't seem to mind) I like to pass out the treats because I get to see all the costumes close and up front. I bought 4 different kinds of candy bars and let the children choose. Kit Kat bars were the most popular choice. I asked one little girl (about 3yrs.) in a princess costume what she wanted and she answered very earnestly "chocolate." I thought "I am so with you." She was so cute.

When the girls came home they dumped out their candy and sorted it out. The over abundance is a little overwhelming. These are the totals of the most frequently given candies:

Snickers - 29 snack-size, 2 regular size
MilkyWay - 21
Kit Kat - 19, 1 full size
Crunch - 18, 3 Crunch Crisp
Hershey - 17, 2 full size with almonds
M&M's - 13, 2 full size

The totals for the Snickers and MilkyWays are exaggerated because they include what we had leftover from giving, but still it is quite a haul. One thing I found interesting is that neither girl received peanut M&M's. When I bought my candy on the 30th the Giant Eagle was sold out of both kinds of M&M's. I think that people kept them for themselves.

The perfect night was capped off by us watching the Halloween episode of "Pushing Daisies", which was hilarious as usual. I am bummed that next week they are showing the CMA instead.

I hope that you all had a great holiday.