Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Snow Days

I remember when I was in school how I looked forward to a surprise day off because of too much snow. I grew up in Girard PA. and we had a lot of snow but not so many days off. It had to be almost a blizzard for them to even consider a day off and I don't remember having 2 hour delays, but maybe we had them.

My daughters have loved staying home the past two days. Actually Laurel had school today and was really miffed that her little sisters had another day off. Steph had a day off earlier in the year because of an electrical problem. Laurel said that they should have a day just for Neil Armstrong students to make up for it. That would be the 'fair' thing to do right?

As wonderful as it is to have these days off I will not be all that thrilled if they have another day off tomorrow. So, let's all pray for good weather. It is a bummer when they start removing days from the Easter Holiday vacation or adding days to the end of the school year.

At least Leah had extra time to finish her valentine's. What did you do on the snowy days?


Tim said...

Me? I trudged to class in curb-high slush, nearly falling every time.

And although I'm not quite thankful I'm working my butt off right now (big presentation at 08:00 tomorrow), I'm thankful that I can do it indoors.

Beverly Cwalina said...

You mean you guys were off again today? Our schools were on, not even a delay.

However, yesterday when the boys were off school they got dressed in their snowpants, coats, hats and gloves and were outside sledding and playing in the snow. They left here before Noon and were gone, except a couple short check-ins, until dinner time. They didn't stay out the entire time, but when they went indoors, it was at their friends houses! They came home for dinner and it was hard to convince them that they really had to go to bed at the normal time to be ready for school today.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i'm highly upset that the kids are getting all these days off. we've got the open campus, we're the ones out in the early morning weather, which is worse than when they go to school, plus the roads aren't plowed when we go. So honestly, they should give us the day off before they give the little ones a day off.

gabrièlle said...

ahh i miss snow days too!! actually, i didn't have class on tuesday because of the snow, so i guess i still get them sometimes.
that's the benefit of a commuter school!

but i would always watch the early show for all the lists of schools that are cancelled--even though i knew mine was one of them, it was just kind of a ritual. and then my mom would come up with fun, time-consuming things for us to do with our day--we actually made t-shirts with puffy paint once! so it was a good time!

Dianne said...

up until recently i used to listen to the delays and closings on my way to work - not sure why, i have no kids and these usually don't affect me. when i taught school though - oh yeah! don't kid yourself, the teachers need days off just as badly. my sis and I taught in a small private school and shared an apt. so we were ready for that phone call! our routine was simple - trudge through the snow to the local store for ingred. for chicken soup and chocolate chip cookies, make and indulge, then frantically try to get caught up grading papers and wonder where the day went! hope your schedule gets back to normal soon.