Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Yesterday the little girls and I picked up our new glasses. This is the first pair for both Steph and Leah. They were told that they really only needed them for school. They both look pretty cute in them. My glasses don't look all that different although they are silver and a little more substantial than my last pair. Leah was with me when I picked them out and approved of them saying that I still looked like myself. My last pair was broken and pretty scratched up, but I kept putting off going to the eye doctor until Leah and Steph both needed check-ups.

Laurel didn't need new glasses although her old pair were very bent out of shape. She decided that she wanted contacts. She was surprised that they gave them to her right at her appointment last week. At first she struggled with getting them in and out but now she is able to do it usually on the first try.

The one really nice thing about the place we went (The Eye Gallery in McMurray) is that they repair glasses for you whenever you drop in, for free. I saw many people have their glasses adjusted while I was waiting for the girls during their appointments. They fixed Laurel's glasses which was great because she didn't need another pair since her prescription hadn't changed. They even offered to fix my old glasses which is great. I don't know if I will ever wear them again, but I guess it is good to have a spare pair in case something happens to the new ones.

Leah was really cute saying, "now everyone in our family has glasses." I teased Steph that her dad and I are doing everything we can to keep the boys away from her by having her get both braces and glasses. So far our strategy is working!


Tim said...

Everyone with glasses? That's quite remarkable...

marilyn said...

I can say from personal experience that glasses do not keep boys away, they just weed out the prospects.
Looking forward to seeing y'all soon!