Thursday, May 15, 2008

Work and Tennis

I have had many people ask me about my job and how I like it so far. I really do enjoy the work. I have always loved helping people with outfits and it is very gratifying when they take my suggestions. After just one 4 1/2 hour day I've come to a few conclusions:

1) I need more comfortable shoes.

2) I should never calculate how much I will be payed because it sounds so paltry.

3) This job will be easier when I know where everything in the store is located.

4) I was tired after just 4 hours. How will I feel after an 8 hour day?

All in all I had a good time and am looking forward to work again today.

On a completely different note, the tennis season is upon us. I have played in two matches so far for the Mt. Lebanon team tennis league. I won both of my matches 11-4 but my team's record is 1 and 1. Actually every team in the league has a 1 and 1 record. I had two different partners for the matches and feel really blessed to have such nice players to play with.

My first USTA match is on Saturday and I am scheduled to play singles. UGH!!! I am not a singles player. I am a much stronger doubles player. Of course, it is my own fault for offering once to play singles for a person who was injured. I hope that this is a one time thing. My biggest concern with singles is my stamina. I have been playing one set of singles a week with the Wednesday group I play with, but if I have a match that goes to three sets I could be in trouble. Pray for me on Saturday morning.

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Tim said...

Right now, I'm laughing "Usta."