Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Laurel is officially graduated from High School. I told her that she was gradulicious, which she thought was a pretty funny way to describe her accomplishment. I don't think of High School graduation as that big of a deal really. I mean it is a milestone in ones life but everyone can do it. The ceremony was held indoors because of the rain. I have never attended a graduation outside, so it didn't matter that much to me other that fewer people could attend. The speakers all did a very good job. Laurel's friend Valerie gave a nice speech urging her fellow classmates to take a cue from Buzz Lightyear and strive for "infinity and beyond." The valedictorian's speech used a Winnie-the-pooh quote. Disney movies seem to have a big impact on everyone.

We had Laurel's grad party over Memorial week-end. The highlight was the "wall of Laurel", which had pictures of Laurel from her baby days to now. She wasn't too crazy about the middle-school pictures. That is an awkward time for just about everyone but I told her that the important thing is that she came out the other side a beautiful young woman. I was asked jokingly if we always had the pictures up. I laughed and said that I had just put them up but now that they were there who knows how long they will be there. It has been several weeks and yes, they are still up! If you missed out and want to see them (or see them again) just give me a call.

I think we are all more excited for college. We are leaving today for Michigan to attend Laurel's MSU orientation. I have never been there and look forward to checking it out. I hope to visit the Kappa Delta chapter if we have time. The littles are pretty excited about the swimming pool at our hotel. I know I will be far more emotional about sending Laurel to college than I was about High school graduation.

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Tim said...

It's amazing how quickly 18 years goes by, isn't it? And this is coming from someone who's 20. I mean, that's 90% of my life thus far, so the span is tangible but not quite fully comprehensible.

College is exciting... even for the family! I remember my "last summer" was a very busy and exhilarating one, indeed (although my brother seemed more excited to get me out of the house).

I enjoyed the "wall of Laurel" thoroughly and wish you and your family well in this transitional period.