Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am a huge fan of fantasy books and have been a big fan of the Harry Potter books for a very long time. I think they are "bloody brilliant!" My daughter Laurel and I have been attending the book release parties for the last several books and this year we attended with middle daughter Steph and my sister and her eldest son. I picked up my wrist band at 2:30pm and received number 320. We arrived at Borders at 10:00pm found my sister who was in line to have her sons caricature done. The line was so long and slow that they finally had it completed about 11:30. (Steph had hers done as well although it doesn't look too much like her) We received our book at about 12:30 and headed home. Laurel read aloud to us until we got home, then she claimed the book as hers.

I was able to read almost all of Saturday and finished the book on Sunday. Laurel has been hampered by her work schedule but I expect that she will finish within the next couple of days and Steph has started to read it after I read a couple of chapters aloud to her. Yes, I read it so fast the first time that I am reading it again. I enjoyed it that much. There is something exciting about reading a book that you know millions of people are reading at the same time.

I will not give any spoilers but say that I thought it was very well written, exciting and ended very satisfyingly. I urge all of you to read the books because they will be a part of our culture and the words and phrases that J.K. Rowling coined will be used for generations to come.(think Wizard of Oz) Also the books are an easy read and a lot of fun. I know that some of you are non-fiction readers only, which I can scarcely understand, but I feel that the benefits of Harry will be soooo worth your time. They are not just kid books. Unless you count me as a kid or maybe just a kid at heart!


Tim said...

A kid at heart you have been for as long as I've known you!

I loved the book, and hopefully will be able to read them all again someday. But, alas, I've got to uproot myself and move again in just three short weeks... that comes first!

sp said...

ok, we can talk about it now! i started it after church and finished it at 1:30am Sunday night! i think it was a total of 12 hours (would have been less, but silly laundry and eating got in the way). i just COULDN'T put it down.

Beverly Cwalina said...

I finished Saturday night (the day after the release party). Sleep Friday, Scott's baseball all Saturday morning and running to Lowe's for more Joint Compound for the basement project definitely cut into my reading time! But, I agree, it was a very satisfying read and I am now reading it again more slowly to glean details I glossed over or didn't originally understand.

It's funny, I didn't think Scott's caricature looked much like him either, but he loves it, and I guess that's what really counts.