Friday, July 13, 2007


It has been a long time since I have posted because I have spent the last 2 weeks watching "The Championships Wimbledon." It was very exciting with Venus Williams winning as the lowest seed ever and Roger Federer winning for the 5th consecutive time in a thrilling 5 set match against his nemesis Raphael Nadal. I only saw the last 3 games of the match because I went to church. It was nice for Roger to hold off beating Nadal until I could get home.;)

As well as watching tennis I have also played in some matches myself. I played in a USTA match last Saturday against a woman that I go to church with. I was really hoping that I would not have to play her and was nervous that I would have to. I don't like playing against people that I know. I would much rather my opponent be a stranger so when I crush them I don't feel so bad. Plus, there is the added pressure of knowing that I should win big. My team is tied for second place and the team we played is in last place. My partner and I won 6-2, 6-2. It was a big relief. My record for USTA is 3 for 4.

Yesterday I played a PTL(Pittsburgh Tennis League) match against someone from my USTA team. You know how I feel about playing someone I know! Karen is a very hard hitter and has aced me a few times with her amazing serve. Fortunately my partner can also hit the ball really hard and we prevailed winning 6-1, 6-1. I felt a very tiny bit bad because this certainly wasn't our opponents best day but, it brings my PTL record to 3 for 3 so I was very happy. Karen asked me to not tell anyone how badly she played and I said that I would just put it in my blog. You all can keep a secret, right?

My seasons are all winding down soon. My USTA team has their last match Saturday and my PTL team only has 3 matches left. I will be feeling a great sense of loss until contract time starts in September. So if anyone wants to go to lunch I am available.

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Tim said...

Ooh! Put me down for a lunch once school starts!