Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Last night was the completion of sorority recruitment at Pitt. I am an advisor for Kappa Delta. Even though the week has been exhausting it was also really fun. As an advisor my job is to be there for membership selection meetings. Really it is mostly to provide moral support, although I also need to be there in case of an emergency. (which there weren't any this year, thankfully) The parties during the school week cannot start until 9:00 pm so they won't interfere with night classes. This lead to long nights where I didn't get home until after 1:00 in the morning. Of course, the long nights are no problem at all for the college students.

The KD's did very well this year receiving quota-plus-one pledges (a lucky 13), so that brings them to 2 members over ceiling . The ceiling at Pitt is 60 members. 8 out of 11 sororities made quota, so this recruitment was successful for Pitt. The recruitment chair for KD was a pleasure to work with and had everything very well organized. She and her committee did a great job.

Now I can return to normal life. I definitely need to catch up on my sleep and find out what is happening with my other girls.

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Tim said...

It's a big paradigm shift from high school, where the parties must be done by 21:00 on school nights, to college, where they can't start until 21:00.

Ugh. But that's what happens when you're offering classes for 14-15 hours out of the day.