Friday, October 19, 2007

crash II

I don't really have much new information. It still hasn't been decided if "they" are going to total the car or not. In a way it would be great if the car could be fixed because it was a really nice car, but if it won't be the same post-crash maybe not. On the other hand I know we won't get enough money from the insurance company to replace it with a similar car. So since I don't know what to wish for I am leaving it entirely in God's hands. (which is always the best)

On a similar yet different note, my sister had an accident with a deer. She said she saw the deer running down a hill towards her and slammed on the breaks, but the deer still hit her car and smashed the windshield. Fortunately she was unharmed. I relayed the story to my husband and he asked if she had killed the deer. I said that technically it could be said that the deer committed suicide for running into her. My sister has a rental car now and so do we. We have a PT Cruiser, which is okay but not as nice as the Camry.

Have a good week-end. Drive safely because I have heard that these things run in threes.


Beverly Cwalina said...

I don't know if the deer who hit me died or not, but a friend drove by there looking for it and didn't see it, so maybe it went some distance and died, or maybe it is one tough deer!

The repair shop drove the rental car to my house and took my van yesterday morning (thursday). This afternoon (Friday) I got a call from my insurance company to go ahead and make arrangements with the repair shop to get me a rental and fix the car - although I thought they were the ones who called the repair shop on my behalf on Wednesday when the accident happened. I hope they are really the ones that picked up my van yesterday!!

Tim said...

And you two being sisters implies that one of the other two will round out the three. And I liked mom's car... ;)

Jim Baxter said...

Wow! Why are the parents the last to know? :) I know we saw at least 7 deer last week on the road between Bev's and Barb's. The car in front of us down by Peterwood park had to come to a complete stop, and so did we. It's the "rutting season" now.

Dad & Mom

gabrièlle said...

ah! i was in a deer wreck once...not cool at all...those things are nuts :(
and to be honest, i like camry's better than pt cruisers too. haha :)
i'll keep the car situation in my prayers! :)

Beverly Cwalina said...

I finally have my van back. They ended up having to re-paint the hood which took care of a previous dent and small rust situation there, so God is good!

Hope your car situation turns out as well!