Thursday, November 6, 2008


My birthday was Monday the 3rd. It was a beautiful day weather-wise which is rather unusual. Typically by November 3rd the leaves are all off the trees and the temperature is cold. This year however the temperatures the last few days have been practically balmy and there are still some beautiful trees around. I know it won't last for long but I am enjoying this last bit of Fall weather while I can.

I had a pretty quiet day. I played tennis in the morning, dropped Leah off for a swim party with the girl scouts and just read a book for most of the afternoon. Mark, Steph and I went out to dinner at Bravo's and then when Leah came home we had a small party.

The next day at work the staff had a special birthday breakfast for me. It was really good and I received some nice cards. I am all for celebrating all month long so if anyone would like to go to lunch let me know.


Tim said...

Happy birthday again, Barb!

Since we didn't get together in September, perhaps November would be a great time to get together for lunch. Give me a call sometime.

Dianne said...

i am a big believer in birthday months!! mine was last month, as was our anniversary. anyways, happy birthday!