Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Bethel Park's football team won the WPIAL championship. This is a big deal because it is the first time they have achieved this goal. They beat Gateway 10-6. Mark and I actually watched some of the game. The end to be completely accurate since we went to the theater and arrived home for the last 5 minutes of the game. I was very impressed with Bethel's defense. To keep a team that had been scoring 40+ points a game to a meager 6 points is pretty awesome. Gateway was a nationally ranked team and even though Bethel was undefeated no one gave them much hope to win. That of course, makes the victory so much sweeter.

Mark and I helped some students make it to the game. We were walking to the theater from dinner (McCormick and Schmick's which was fantastic) when we overcame some confused Bethel fans. We overheard one boy say, "maybe we should ask someone." Mark told them they were headed in the wrong direction and needed to cross the river. It is easy to see how they were confused since they had just got off the "T" and with all the tall buildings, you couldn't see the stadium, any rivers or bridges. We were glad to help fellow Bethel Parkians.

So, Congratulations to Bethel Park and good luck with the next game which is against State College High School this Friday.

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Dianne said...

So how did they do at States this weekend? Big weekend for western PA HS football!