Tuesday, April 17, 2007


I went to an alumna event for Kappa Delta sorority at the University of Pittsburgh this past Saturday. It was great seeing everyone again. I have been an advisor to the chapter since I graduated so I have worked with all of the sisters that were there. It was so nice to see how accomplished the women are.

The sisters had a very well organized program for us. They had several sisters talk about what the chapter has been doing in the last year and highlighting the awards and honors that they have received. They also had a slide show presentation of pictures of different events over the years. It was fun to see how things have changed although some things were just as we had remembered. At the end of the slide show I noticed a picture of me. I then realized that all the pictures on that page were of me with the caption at the top thanking me for all my years of service to the chapter. They then had the current membership chair give a speech about me and the ways that I have assisted them. They also had a present for me.

I was completely surprised. I could feel my face flush while the speech was being given. I have never been honored like that before and I have to say it was really nice. Afterwards I thought that I probably should have said a few words to the group but I was so shocked that I did not even think of it.

It has been a pleasure working with the KD girls and I of course will continue. It is so nice to see what a wonderful chapter that they have become.


Tim said...

Teehee. I knew about that beforehand, but obviously I couldn't say anything.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

that's cute.