Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Jelly Beans

I love jelly beans. The stores have been having them out for about a month in preparation for Easter. I have bought many packages but when I wanted to buy more right before Easter the Giant Eagle was sold out. :(

I like the fruit flavor the best in a medium size bean. In eating and seeing how my family eats jelly beans I have determined that there are 3 types of eaters.

1. the grabber- This person just grabs a handful of beans not caring what flavors they get.

2. the sorter- This person sorts their beans by color(or flavor) and eats them in some order.

3. the selector- This person chooses out only the particular flavors that they like.

It can be annoying for the sorter to be sharing a bowl with a selector. I am a sorter and my daughter is a selector and eats only the orange, pink and sometimes yellow. So at the end of the bowl we have the least popular beans left.

What kind of jelly bean eater are you? What do you think that this says about you?


Tim said...

Which daughter is the selector?

I am most definitely a sorter, although more so with Skittles and M&M's than with jellybeans, as jellybean colors aren't standardized. But if at all possible, I'll generally take one of each color in my hand, and eat them two at a time creating different "recipes."

With the five colors of Skittles, I often do sets of five. For example, YYGGG is Sprite. RROPP is fruit punch. And so forth. In my opinion, ROYGP ("rainbow") also tastes good.

Now I wonder what this says about us... analytical minds? We share something in common, Barb! We must discover what this is...

Laurel said...

I'm a sorter for things like Skittles and M&M's...but my mother is right, I am most definitely a Jelly Bean Selector.

Lexi Elizabeth said... guys are weird. i'm a grabber, forsure. just grab and eat. at least with jellybeans and skittles. starburst i tend to share my yellows and pinks, saving the oranges and reds for me :D haha.

terrytimm said...

a selector. i only eat the orange and black ones (go BP).

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