Friday, June 29, 2007

Just One More

I have come to realize that I have no will-power at all. Ok, maybe that is a little extreme. I have almost no will-power. My girls and I went to Wal-Mart for a few needed items and just happened on the candy aisle. I know from my past that having candy in the house is a bad thing, by how quickly I finished the chocolate that I bought in Hershey PA. in May. But, Wal-Mart had M&M's on sale and I couldn't resist. My favorite are peanut M&M's. I think that they are addicting. Could I take just one handful and then leave them alone? You know the answer, no way! I took one handful divided them by color (check out my Jellybean blog) ate them and then waited. I tried to, I'm not going back to the kitchen...oh,ok,just one more handful. It's really disgusting how I sabotage any effort I have of dieting. If I say that I should cut down on calories, I will eat something I shouldn't usually within the day, sometimes hour. The best strategy I have is to avoid having candy in the house, although I was so desperate for chocolate the other day that I ate a handful of chocolate chips. I was soooo feeling like an addict.

It is a very good thing that I am not tempted by anything more harmful. Or should I say a GOD-thing.


gabrièlle said...

ahh! you do the same thing i do!!!! i separate all my m&ms by color too! sometimes i go so far as to make pictures with them first. but i always eat them in even if i separate and there are 5 reds, 6 greens, 5 yellows, 4 blues, etc. etc. i will eat all the extras until each color group has 4 colors. (okay notice how much i'm eating here that i'm saying there are at least 5 or so of each color!?
and peanut m&ms are my favorite m&m too!

can i come over and eat? :-P

Tim said...

[22:30:16] Laurel: hey
[22:30:19] Tim: hey
[22:30:19] *** Auto-response from Laurel Smith: baking cookies! leave a message if u love me
[22:30:22] Tim: lol


[22:30:55] Tim: what kind of cookies?
[22:46:08] Laurel: just chocolate chip
[22:46:12] Laurel: my mom requested them lol
[22:46:14] Tim: lol ok
[22:46:55] Laurel: two nights ago she was like i really want chocolate can u make cookies or now i'm getting around to it

You're having your daughter satisfy your cravings that you say are addicting. You're enabling your daughter to enable you! You're the ultimate enabler, and it's not helping the diets!!!

End accusatory rant. ;)