Monday, June 18, 2007


Yesterday was Father's Day and my family decided to go to Outback Steakhouse. We only go to Outback for special occasions. (like Christmas Eve) Of course, Father's Day is an important occasion and we all really like the bloomin' onion so it was decided. We used the call ahead seating which was a good thing because we only had to wait about an half hour instead of an hour and a half. On the way into the restaurant a yellow jacket flew behind my glasses which totally freaked me out. I yelled "ah...ah" and finally whipped my glasses off to let it escape but not before it stung me on the eye lid. I also had been holding my youngest daughters hand and ended up bumping heads with her in the commotion. As we entered the hostess asked "How are you today?" to which I replied "not too good I just got stung by a bee on my eye." She had no reply to that. I guess that is a situation that doesn't come up in training. I headed to the bar area and asked for some ice. So I waited for our table with a bag of ice pressed against my eye. I received a lot of strange looks. My middle daughter always looking for the bright side of things said "at least it isn't Mother's Day." Fortunately it stopped hurting by the time I went to bed. All-in-all a rather unfortunate event.

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Tim said...

Oh my. Isn't that frustrating?