Saturday, December 8, 2007


It is the time of year when the schools put on their 'Holiday' performances. So far I have gone to see Steph's band concert and my nephew Tim in the Heinz Chapel Choir. Laurel's concert is coming up. I'm not sure when but I am sure she will let me know.

Steph is in the 6th grade band and also the jazz band. I was surprised that they had flutes in the jazz band , not being a typical jazz instrument, but I think they want to provide everyone the opportunity to play more ie: practice more. We heard the 5th grade band preform first. I thought they did a good job. (way to go Kit on the drums!) The jazz band and the 6th graders also did really well. It is good to see the progress that one more year of playing makes. Unfortunately it was hard to hear the flutes. I did see Steph moving her fingers so I assume she was playing.

One of the band teachers came to the microphone and told us that perhaps he was maybe even more excited to hear the bands as we were. And then went on to say it was because he taught the students in elementary school and was anxious to hear their progress. I thought his first statement was really funny. I can't say with all honesty that I was excited to go to this concert, so his being more excited was very probable. I know that it is important to go to the concerts and be supportive, but to say I was excited would be going a bit far. I was more resigned to going. Of course, I did think it was a good middle school concert as far as that goes.

Tim's concert was something all together different. The Heinz Chapel Choir is the best choir I have ever heard. They are absolutely amazing. If any of you have the chance to see them I highly recommend it. I went to the concert with my husband, parents, my sister and her first grade son Danny. I was concerned about Danny's behavior because he is normally really rambunctious and sitting through an hour and a half concert might be difficult for him. I was really impressed with how well he behaved. I think that his attention span is greatly improved since going to school all day.

Before the concert we had dinner at the Pitt cafeteria. It is 100 times better that it was back in my day. (wow, I sound so old saying that) They have different stations that you can go to and it is an eat as much as you want type of place. I went to the Japanese stir-fry place. You put whatever vegetables you want in a bowl and then when it is your turn they take the bowl and cook the veggies with the protein choice you make. When they give you back your food you can choose between 4 different sauces to put on it. It was really good although the rice was kind of mushy. I spoke with several students that said they like the changes but that you get bored with the choices after a while. I bet they wouldn't like manna for 40 years.

It was a fun night. Do any of you have concert stories?


Beverly Cwalina said...

I, too, thoroughly enjoyed the Heinz Chapel Choir concert and was thrilled that Daniel was able to behave!

I can relate to your feelings of resignment about going to the concert. Having boys who are involved in almost every sport open to their age-groups, I am resigned to go to many games. At least for you there are only two concerts a year! I will add, though, as Scott gets older the games are more exciting, so resignment is turning into excitement.

Another funny thing for me is that I went to the Bruce Springsteen concert a few weeks ago with two friends Elana and Mary Jane. Elana's husband paid for a driver to take us to the concert and pick us up which made crawling at a snail's pace in traffic much less daunting. Although the concert was good, I am not a huge Bruce fan, but my friend Elana is! So, I looked forward to just spending the time out with friends even more than going to the concert. I have a feeling I will be feeling this way again in March when I go to the Bon Jovi/Chris Daughtry concert - Mary Jane is the big fan for this one!

I am just thankful for good friends who invite me along to have fun with them!

Dianne said...

Hi Barb, now I feel like i can comment! ;) I love kids' Christmas concerts. I just went to my niece's concert - she plays violin with the Pgh Youth Chamber Orchestra. The kids range in age from about 13 -20, somehow at 10 she was allowed to join and she looks like such a little peanut amongst all those big kids.

A choir concert sounds good. And flute in a jazz band - that's a neat twist!