Saturday, May 12, 2007


We bought my youngest daughter a desk for her room. I did not buy a chair for the desk because it was $150.00 and I thought that was too much. My husband mentioned that we had an old green chair, so I decided to refinish it. This was a much bigger project than I had anticipated. I first sanded the chair to get off as much green paint as I could. Wearing some sort of face mask would have been wise because I inhaled green dust which when I blew my nose came out again.(eewww) I then thought, I hope the paint wasn't lead-based. I went to the hardware store to buy white paint. The young pimply-faced boy at the paint desk suggested that I buy oil-based paint. That was a mistake because it is hard to work with. It dries very slowly which leads to drips that I tried to remove and then repaint which lead to more drips. Oh well, The chair looks a lot better than it did, even though it took 6 days to complete. One good thing that happened is that I was able to get a chair cushion for $3.50 at Tuesday Morning and my sweet baby is very happy which makes it all worthwhile.

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Tim said...

Hope she enjoys it.

I wonder if you were silly like my one friend and waited until Tuesday Morning to go to the "Tuesday Morning" store....