Monday, May 7, 2007


I played my first match of the tennis season today. (I was supposed to play a USTA match last Saturday but we were rained out.) This was the start of Mt. Lebanon Womens Team Tennis season. The teams consist of 14 players playing 7 lines of doubles. Because of time constraints this league plays 15 games of no-ad scoring. The first team to score 4 points wins the game. I am very excited about my team this year. We have a lot of new players that are pretty good. We won the match 64 to 41 points. My partner and I won our match 10 to 5. This is definitely the best start I have had in this league ever. I hope that we will continue to dominate unlike the Pirates. My next match is Saturday for my 3.5 USTA team. Wish me luck!!


Tim said...

Your lip match was rained out? Or maybe not; I don't know much Polish.

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i don't get it (tim)

Tim said...

It's a Veggie Tales joke.