Friday, May 4, 2007


I went with my daughter to the state FBLA conference. (Future Business Leaders of America)Like all Pa. state conferences it was held in Hershey the chocolate capital of the world. We did not come for the first day of the conference because my daughter has missed a lot of school already this year and I did not want her to miss an extra day. She had a test at 8:00 on Tuesday for computer applications. The test took her about an hour and she didn't have any other requirements until noon so we went to Chocolate World.

Chocolate World was created to take the place of the tours of the chocolate factory that Hershey used to do. They have a ride like the Disney kind that goes through the process of how they make their chocolate so delicious. In the ride they have 3 cows sing about milk and how it is the key ingredient. It is really corny but kind of cute. The best part is that they give you Hershey Kisses at the end of it. Then of course you end up in a big store with all the candy that Hershey makes. We bought quite a lot of candy because you just have to being right there. I thought I had spent a lot (~$27.00) until I saw what the Japanese tourists in front of me in line spent.($111.00) I guess it is harder to get Hershey candy in Japan.

After Chocolate World we went to an outlet shopping area. Anyone who knows me well knows how much I like to shop for clothing. Since I have little money I have become an expert at getting a good deal, so the outlets are perfect for me. I think that this is the real reason that my daughter wanted me to come on the trip. We did buy some things for us but my husband made out better and he wasn't even there which is his favorite type of shopping.

We then went back to the conference so that L. could take the Hospitality Management test. This is what she wants to study in school so it was important for her to do well. At the awards ceremony that night we found out that she came in 4th place. I was very proud of her. We don't know how she fared at the computer applications test but wasn't in the top 10. I was amazed at the number of students at the conference. There had to have been at least a thousand. It would have been nice for L. to have had other friends from her school at the event. Although she would have had to go to more of the lectures and probably wouldn't have gotten the new clothes.

To make the trip more of a learning experience we went to Harrisburg to see the state capitol on our way home on Wednesday. I had never been to the capitol building and must say that it is very impressive. The rotunda is beautiful and the Government chambers are full of carved wood, marble, gold leaf and huge chandeliers. It is all very grand. Several years ago we went to the Texas state capitol in Austin and the PA building is a lot more ornate. Not everything is bigger or better in Texas.


Tim said...

Yes, the Capitol building in Harrisburg is beautiful. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip! Enjoy your chocolate!

Lexi Elizabeth said...

i would've gone, but i didn't win and i was on band trip. :-\