Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For Mother's Day I received an MP3 player which I had asked for because I hoped it would make going to the gym less boring. Over the last few months I have not been going to the gym very reliably. It started when I came back from Mississippi with a really bad cold. One week led to the next and I am sure I had a lot of good rationalizations for not going but I finally buckled down and went twice in one week. Unfortunately I must have tried to do too much and I pulled or strained a muscle in my left shoulder. So, of course, I couldn't go back to the gym for several more weeks while that injury healed. I now have run out of excuses and have gone twice lately. The last time I had my new MP3. I like it, but it really didn't make going to the gym significantly more fun. The volume of the songs I loaded vary quite a bit. It can be jarring to be listening to a soft song and have the next song be REALLY, REALLY LOUD. Why can't the CD manufacturers make their Cd's with the same volume levels?

I have now put off the gym long enough and am going right now!!


Tim said...

It's the same way with our local CBS affiliate. Apparently, there is some sort of standard that the commercials and the national primetime shows use, but when it comes to anything being sent from the local studios (news and syndicated shows), the volume drops four notches, and actually gets a tad muffled. It's very annoying.

Jim Baxter said...

Hi Barb,
Check out the group "Real group" on You tube. This is a great acappella group and some of their songs probably could be downloaded to your new mp3 player.