Monday, August 27, 2007


My husband and I celebrated our anniversary this week-end. We spent friday night at a Holiday Inn Express on the south-side. ( we are feeling sooo smart now) We had a great dinner at a seafood restaurant and then went out to different bars and watched my Buccos win an exciting 15 inning game.

We noticed a lot of 20-somethings order drinks with Red Bull and other "energy" drinks. We were asked if we wanted to try it but declined. I really felt no inclination to stay up to 2 AM or beyond. Those days are long passed. Still it was fun hanging out and people watching.

I have seen several times this new show on VH1 called "The Pick-up Artist". It has this guy called "Mystery" and his two wing-men helping socially challenged men try to learn to pick-up girls. The contestants all struggled even with the most basic conversation skills. I liked the one piece of advise, "try to be interesting." Yeah, if it were only that easy. As if they were trying to be boring on purpose. Oh, I get it I have to be interesting!! Can I be good looking too? "Mystery" has a book out too, so if you need more in depth help, check it out.

So, since I was people watching I tried to notice how the guys in the bar were doing. Some seemed to be doing fine ,but I noticed a lot of guys just sitting at the bar making no attempts. There was one guy hanging out with a very offensive t-shirt on. It had a girl bent over with very little clothing on. I can't remember what the phrase on it was, but I told my husband that it was the most girl-repelling shirt I had ever seen. And to think that he had chosen to go out in public wearing it. Ugh!

Although it was fun, I am so happy that I am married and don't have to be a part of the singles scene. I guess that is what is best about celebrating an anniversary, realizing how good you have it.

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Tim said...

Congratulations on... how ever many years it's been!

You should have gotten a Red Bull and kept it for the next day!