Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Wild Things

A group from my church went on our second annual baseball outing to see the Washington Wild Things, a farm league team in Washington PA. We had a really nice tailgate party before the game and I brought my famous taco dip. Someone said that it was "infamous" but I said "no way 'cause its really good". The dip was completely finished before we went in to the game.

My family's seats were not particularly good because they were behind the metal rail which was exactly at my level of vision. I had to either sit up really high or slouch down to see, so I moved up one row to sit beside a freshman in high school named Dylan who went on the mission trip with Laurel and I to Mississippi last year. (check Laurel's blog for details) I don't typically have a lot of interaction with teenage boys and I always think it is interesting how girl crazy they are.

Since Dylan's mom was not at the game I did my best to embarrass him. (which is a mother's job) I picked a favorite player to cheer for (Jarod Rine, who had a nice hit his first time at bat), I cheered for all the contestants in the between inning contests, I danced to "YMCA"and did the chicken dance (in my seat so not too bad). Dylan was pretty unflappable and took my antics in stride. Of course, I wasn't the only one in our group acting crazy. Things can get pretty funny when we get going.

You see you really have to make an effort to have fun at these games because otherwise they can be very boring. After seeing pro games the minor league players just don't measure up. Dylan and I agreed that several times the player at second base should have made it home and they stopped at third. Ugh, it was so frustrating . Even so the Wild Things were victorious ,yay.

They have a lot of give aways at these games. We each were given a 20% off coupon for Ponderosa, an opportunity to get a free gallon of washer fluid from Auto Zone, a discount of $10.00 off a $50.00 purchase at Dick's Sporting goods and the kids received a Wild Things gym bag. Last year everyone in our section won free fish bites from Long John Silvers. We all cheered like it was the best prize ever and even hoped that we could be so lucky this time around. Unfortunately they didn't give fish bites this year. :-( I asked around and found out that no one used the certificate last year so perhaps it wasn't deemed a very successful promotion. We all joked about the common prize of 2 free tickets to a future Wild Things game. The cost of our tickets were $8.00 each. Okay, its better than a stick-in-your-eye. (but most things are)

One of the highlights was fireworks after the game!! There were some really cool ones. A perfect cap-off to a great evening.


Tim said...

That reminds me of my one professor from last year. After a long couple hours of learning new programming functions, he tried to keep the energy up, asking, "Isn't this better than a stick in your eye?" A few murmurs from the class followed by, "No, seriously. Do a little of this, then stick a stick in your eye, and tell me which is better."

Ah, his class was a hoot.

Tim said...

Of course, this is the same guy who, when teaching us about the unexpected functionalities of some functions, expressed fake bemusement for our benefit by exclaiming, "Well, I'll be dipped in sh** and rolled in cracker crumbs!"


sp said...

i've been trying to decide which is better, the washer fluid or the fish bites? such a blast!

i definitely got my $8 worth of entertainment just by watching those 12yr-old boys chugging rita's and holding their heads in the brainfreeze contest!

go wildthings!