Saturday, August 11, 2007

Civic Duty

My husband has been called to serve on jury duty many times. He was actually feeling rather harassed by the number of times and called about it once and they said he was summoned by error. You are only supposed to be summoned once every three years. There are federal and county cases , so it could be slightly more often.

I have always upheld my duties and have voted in every election. Yes, even the boring ones where you only are voting on judges. Have I ever been asked to serve on jury duty? No!! I am one of the few people that would love to do it and you even get paid , although not very much.

I am so excited because I have finally received a summons. Yes!! I am supposed to appear in mid-September and I can't wait. Knowing my luck they probably won't need me or I won't be chosen. Do you think that my views for the death sentence on all crimes will be a problem? ;-)

I am interested in hearing from all of you about your jury duty experiences.


Lexi Elizabeth said...

i think i would be really bad at jury duty. like, really bad. because i don't keep up on the law and whatnot and i tend to be too forgiving

Tim said...

Hopefully it's not that day in mid-September where we're going to be having lunch. Good thing we haven't picked it yet. ;)

Beverly Cwalina said...

Well, I haven't gotten called to the courthouse, but filled out a questionnaire about jury duty. I wonder if I actually was sent a notice to show up and didn't read it, so I blew it off? I would like to have jury duty, but I think there are fewer cases in Washington County.