Thursday, August 30, 2007

US Open

I love tennis. I enjoy watching it as much as playing. The US Open is one of my favorite tournaments because they have coverage from 11:00-5:00 and then a night session at 7:00pm. The first day of the tournement my youngest daughter asked me "Are you going to watch tennis all day?" My unabashed reply was "yes and at night too, for the next two weeks."

There have been several really great moments so far in the tournement:

Donald Young, 18 won his first match and now is into the third round because his last opponent had to withdraw.

John Isner, 22 and 6' 9" is into the third round with 2 impressive wins. He will play Roger Federer next. When asked about his next opponent he replied " I don't know that much about him. Is he good?" HAHA!!

Justin Gimelstob played his last US open singles match against his friend Andy Roddick. The post game interview was hilarious. I think Justin will have a good broadcasting future.

Andy Roddick won his second round match on his 25th birthday.

James Blake won is first 5 set match against a tricky and entertaining player, Fabrice Santoro.

The Williams sisters are both playing really well.

Newcomer Ahsha Rolle was a surprise winner and now is also in the third round. This has to be a dream-come-true for the young American.

Maria Sharapova has been wearing a beautiful red dress.

If you don't hear from me much over the next 2 weeks you now know why.


Tim said...

Aren't you doing any ΚΔ stuff on campus soon? Won't that take away some tennis-watching time?

marlaena said...

marlaena here, straight from my living room coach. picked up a bronchial infection last week and been sidelined since friday. perfect weekend to be laying around! don't think sue knew there was so much tennis on tv these days . . . really enjoyed the isner v. federer match yesterday. 0 unforced errors for federer in the 2nd and 3rd set - absolutely amazing!

Barbara said...

Yes, Kappa Delta recruitment starts this Wednesday so I will miss some tennis. Ah, the sacrifices I have to make.