Thursday, November 1, 2007

treats and more treats

What a perfect night for trick-or-treating. I was the stay-at-home and pass out treat person, Mark took Leah out, Steph went out with some friends and poor Laurel had to work. (although she didn't seem to mind) I like to pass out the treats because I get to see all the costumes close and up front. I bought 4 different kinds of candy bars and let the children choose. Kit Kat bars were the most popular choice. I asked one little girl (about 3yrs.) in a princess costume what she wanted and she answered very earnestly "chocolate." I thought "I am so with you." She was so cute.

When the girls came home they dumped out their candy and sorted it out. The over abundance is a little overwhelming. These are the totals of the most frequently given candies:

Snickers - 29 snack-size, 2 regular size
MilkyWay - 21
Kit Kat - 19, 1 full size
Crunch - 18, 3 Crunch Crisp
Hershey - 17, 2 full size with almonds
M&M's - 13, 2 full size

The totals for the Snickers and MilkyWays are exaggerated because they include what we had leftover from giving, but still it is quite a haul. One thing I found interesting is that neither girl received peanut M&M's. When I bought my candy on the 30th the Giant Eagle was sold out of both kinds of M&M's. I think that people kept them for themselves.

The perfect night was capped off by us watching the Halloween episode of "Pushing Daisies", which was hilarious as usual. I am bummed that next week they are showing the CMA instead.

I hope that you all had a great holiday.


gabrièlle said...

mmmmm this post is making me hungry!
i was always a big fan of the mounds, almond joys, and mallow cups and barely ever got them.
i guess i'm just weird because i like coconut! :P
but i should also mention that EVERY year i got SOOO many reese's cups and i can't believe they didn't make the list for your girls! wow! the halloween times have changed!

Tim said...

You can't pass out Peanut M&M's to random kids! They might be allergic!

And I suppose the CMA are important in their own right... just not to you or to me.

Also, in reading this, I've determined that you are indeed a good blogger, and that you have come to enjoy it much more than when you first succumbed to "daughter pressure." Admit it... you LIKE it!

Barbara said...

Gabrielle - I like coconut too and since no one else in my family does they are all mine. We should bring some on the mission trip. :)

Tim - yes,I love blogging. Okay, I understand the allergy thing but the store was sold out so a lot of people bought them. My other idea was that maybe the people gave the girls a choice and they chose something else.

Marilyn said...

Hey Barb!!!
Happy birthday!!!

Hope you are having a great time!

Sarah went out trick-or-treating this year and got(among other things) some of all the candies you thought were odd to be missing. I guess we do things differently up north.
love ya, Marilyn

Tim said...

Happy BIRTHDAY, Barb!

Yes... perhaps your girls just don't like peanuts... I should hope that anyone planning on giving out Peanut M&M's to kids would have to give them a choice...

tlaughlin said...

I loved the CMA's!!