Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wishing Unwell

Generally speaking I have good wishes towards people. I want to see others succeed at their endeavours. Sometimes however, I find myself cheering for failure. The best example of this is Tom Cruise. I have been an unfan of Tom for many years. The last movie of his I saw was the one where he plays the sports agent. (I forget the title) It started when I found out that he joined the Scientology cult and continued down hill when he divorced Nicole Kidman. I was in the camp of people who yelled "No, Katie, Run for your life!!" Considering the cult they belong to it really is her life she is throwing away isn't it. I hope she comes to her senses and leaves him ASAP.

I was happy that so few people went to see his most recent movie. Earning 6.7 Million dollars in the first week, which is the lowest amount for his openings since 1986. It made only 3 million in the second week. I know that seems like a lot but it is doubtful they will recoup the 35M it cost to make the movie. Even Robert Redford and Meryl Streep couldn't save this sinking ship. His next movie looks like it will have equally dismal results.

The big question now is what Tom can do to change his image woes. For me he would have to completely renounce Scientology, become a christian and donate large amounts of money to christian charities. That is highly unlikely but you never know what will happen when people reach the bottom. I don't think Tom is quite there yet, but I have hope. After all nothing is impossible with God.


Tim said...

I watched War of the Worlds (2005) after having read the book, and saw no emotion in his acting at all.

A fellow choir member of mine is from just outside a town that's really big on Scientology, and she's told some pretty unnerving stories about some of their practices. It really just freaks me out.

gabrièlle said...

i'm with tim...he's not very believeable. i saw jerry mcguire (the one you were talking about) the other day...he doesn't get into character very well...in fact, he kind of ruined the movie for me!
eh we can only hope for a miracle. poor suri!

terrytimm said...

an interesting perspective...(btw: loved jerry macguire - "show me the money")

i'm not real comfortable wishing unwell on people (even people who are wacked like tom cruise - second btw: saw his ex nicole interviewed this morning on regis and kelli and she is a wack job as well; not sure who the crazier one really is).

i like the phrase found in a famous parable about a father who had two sons: the younger son in the story finally "came to his senses." that was the turning point in the story and the transformation of the younger son's life.

perhaps tom will one day "come to his senses." God only knows what that will require.

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Beverly Cwalina said...

I am no fan of Tom Cruise and also think that Katie should run fast and far. But, I think there is a difference between thinking others are wasting their lives and/or are wrong in their beliefs than wishing them unwell. Deep in my heart I just wish that he, and everyone for that matter, would wake up and find salvation. Although, sometimes I wish that I would wake up, since I'm far from perfect myself, and I'm blessed to have found salvation!

On a note related to a past blog, I just received a HUGE packet in the mail indicating I am scheduled for US District Court Jury Duty starting December 31 at 8:30 AM. I am excited about jury duty, for now, but getting there on New Year's Eve won't be fun.

Tim said...

Bev must now start her own blog so that she has somewhere to chronicle her Jury Duty experience after the fact.