Sunday, November 18, 2007

The other day when I got the mail I noticed an envelope from Michigan State University. I felt a sudden rush of anticipation. My eldest daughter had applied to MSU and was awaiting the results. My first thought was the dilemma over to open the envelope and read the news or wait for Laurel to open it. Thankfully, I was spared by the fact that the outside had the words, "Congratulations! You're a Spartan!" written on it. At the time Laurel was at a meeting with a woman from PNC to talk about her job as a corporate events planner. I waited until I thought she would be done with the meeting and then called her. When I read Laurel the outside message she screamed with excitement.

MSU has been Laurels first choice school since she visited the campus this summer. So, it looks like I will be travelling to Michigan a lot over the next few years. She also applied to Penn State , but hasn't heard yet. Part of me would like her to choose PSU because it is closer , but she really needs to choose the best school for her. From what I understand Michigan is a lovely state. I guess I will find that out first hand.

Once the letter came I was hit by the fact that Laurel will indeed be going off to college soon. I always knew that she would go but it seemed so far off in the distant future. Now the reality is setting in and I know that this a great opportunity for her (I absolutely loved college). I am already anticipating a tearful good-bye at the end of August. How many of you been through this transition? How did you handle it?

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Tim said...

From what I could gather when I left, it takes a great deal of adjustment on both the parents' end and the student's end for the first several months. I don't know specifically what my parents did, but I'm sure you could ask them over the holiday. Just don't get your children's names confused like my mother does any time I come back!

Reading these last few posts about Laurel's last stages of college-prep have made me shift from the "Ohmigosh, I'm growing up!" to the "Ohmigosh, we're growing up!" It's somewhat sad, but also simultaneously exciting.

Enjoy these next nine months, and I wish both you and Laurel the best of luck as you cope and adjust in the months thereafter.